In 2020, the project Vozrozhdenie was opened.
In 2021, the project's management board decided to create a men's UCI continental team. The project is planned for 3 years.
The team includes:
Rostovtsev Sergey - Track World and European Champion. From the age of 6 to 22, he raced for Italian clubs. In 2020, he was assigned for Minsk UCI continental team. During his entire career, he has more than 30 wins in the road races. The last two are in 2021.
Artur Ershov - Track World Champion, multiple winner and prize-winner of international track competitions, winner and prize-winner of Russian championships and International Road races. He raced in the UCI Procontinental team Gazprom-Rusvelo.
Stash Mamyr is the Track World Cup medalist, Russian National Track Champion, the road race silver medalist of the European Championship, multiple winner of international road races, performed in the Gazprom-Rusvelo team. In 2021, he performs in Salcano.
Roman Maikin-champion and prize-winner of the Road race Russian championships, multiple winner and prize-winner of International cycling races, performed for the Gazprom-Rusvelo team
Vlad Kulikov is a multiple champion and prize-winner of the Russian championships on the track and road, the winner and prize-winner of International road races
Sichinava Nika is the champion of Georgia on the road and track.
George Khorguani is the winner of the Georgian Championship on the road and track.
The rest of the team is promising young riders.
Mikhail Rostovtsev
  • Master of Sports of the USSR
  • Honored Coach of Russia
Rostovtsev Mikhail Vyacheslavovich
Born on 03.09.1957. Since 1969 he has been engaged in cycling, Master of Sports of the USSR, winner and prize-winner of the RSFSR championships, participant and prize-winner of many international track and highway competitions. He played for the sports society "Burevestnik". In recent years, he played for the Minsk Army Sports Club. Since 1981, he started coaching. HONORED COACH OF RUSSIA, worked as a senior coach of the USSR national team of trade Unions under the leadership of Viktor Kapitonov, the first Olympic champion at the school of higher sports excellence in Tula. From 1999 to 2019, he worked in Italy in the professional teams of AKADE-O, ITERA, NOBILI, BIPING, СOLNAGO. Currently, he works as a senior coach at the Tula Sports Training Center. During his work, his students have won 79 medals from the World and European Championships and the Olympic Games. His athletes also hold three world records!
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